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Our latest development in gaming technology, the Goose Enterprises LagMeter can report the total lag time of your gaming system, accurate to 0.01 milliseconds (hundredth of a millisecond, or to one hundred-thousandth of a second), then perform additional tests to break down the total lag into the individual contributions of lag from: (1) mouse/keyboard lag, (2) computer/GPU lag, and (3) display lag [requires additional accessory], so you can interactively experiment with different setups to minimize lag, and also identify which areas to focus your future equipment investment.

Available on Amazon for $88.99 : Purchase Here

Click here for the GooseEgg HDMI accessory, for separately measuring HDMI monitor/TV lag: GooseEgg HDMI accessory


Measure total lag of entire gaming system:


Measure lag of Keyboard only:


Measure lag of Mouse only:

Verification of Accuracy and Precision:




LagMeter Firmware Updates:

Please click on the link below to download the most recent firmware update for your LagMeter.  This requires a windows PC and installation of the LagMeter Update app.  As the link is relatively recent, your windows system will not treat it as a trusted link, and will require an extra level of confirmation.  Please install the setup.exe and press “begin”, then follow the instructions carefully regarding when to unplug versus plug in your Lagmeter to your PC.


Click Here For LagMeter Firmware Update