GooseEgg HDMI accessory

Note: The GooseEgg HDMI Accessory is an accessory to the LagMeter product.  The GooseEgg cannot be used standalone without also purchasing a LagMeter.

How slow is my flat screen TV?   How slow is my monitor?   How much difference in lag does it make to set my TV to GameMode?  I prefer the look of other cinematic modes of my TV and don’t feel like switching back and forth to GameMode–how bad is the lag of other cinematic modes of my TV, really?

If you want precise, quantitative answers to these questions, down to 0.1 millisecond accuracy, then the GooseEgg/LagMeter product combination is for you.

The GooseEgg accessory is used in combination with the LagMeter to measure (within sub-millisecond accuracy) the exact lag of an HDMI display (e.g. monitor or flat-screen TV).  The GooseEgg has an HDMI output which generates a test pattern on an HDMI monitor.  The test pattern has sections of the screen which blink between dark and bright white.  The user holds the external photodetector in front of the blinking area.  At each blink, right as a new frame is released onto the HDMI bus, the GooseEgg sends an electrical pulse to the LagMeter (aligned within 0.01 milliseconds to the HDMI frame release).  The LagMeter will then measure the difference in time from the HDMI stimulus to the display’s visual output response (as measured by the external photodetector), giving an ultra-precise measurement of the display lag to 0.1 millisecond accuracy.

The differences in lag of various monitors and TV is immediately obvious; because the triggering is so repeatable, the lags reported by the LagMeter are generally repeatable to well under a millisecond, so small differences between models of monitors or between different GameMode/CinematicMode of TVs (a performance parameter often poorly defined by the TV/monitor manufacturer) becomes completely obvious and well-documented.

Again, please note that the GooseEgg cannot be used by itself, it must be used in combination with a LagMeter, so you must purchase both in order to measure your display’s lag.